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The act of writing this blog post stemmed from a conversation with an inspirational Paloma bride-to-be. We agreed that being engaged is a rite of passage. often confusing at the start, even more overwhelming when you receive your new label: engaged, bride-to-be. Like a young queen, ready to lead her country, unaware the amount of obligations that come with the role. It's important to turn those ''must do's'' around and take them out of their imperative role. At Paloma, we urge you to focus on creating new experiences for yourself to enjoy. To keep up or to try once, to make it part of your beauty routine or only for that special moment, never to be repeated again.

I love to try new treatments as a way to take care of my body, mind and spirit. I want to share that feeling with you. That's why I listed my favourites in this blog post. Give 'em a shot!


A lash lift is basically a perm. Your natural lashes get combed over a small semi circular tube. The bigger the tube, the softer the curl will be. A perming fluid is applied, a neutraliser shortly after and after 45 minutes you wake up with an impressive set of longer, fuller and darker lashes.

Bonus fact: as a make up artist, I need to apply less make up to your eyes. Just a bit of mascara to add some definition does the trick.

This is a treatment where chemicals are used on a delicate part of your body so make sure you choose someone who you can trust. Beware: bad lash lifts are terrible. Overcurled lashes that curl back on themselves look shorter and chaotic. It defies the purpose of getting one in the first place.


MakeupLashesBrows - Nicoline The Brow Factory - Nathalie Browchitect - Elena


Same as above but for your brows. Your own hairs, and the ones that you didn't know you had, get covered in the same perming solution, neutralised, coloured and shaped.

Results are a natural looking pair of brows: defined and fuller, without being too dense. Unruly hair softens into one beautiful and organic shape. This treatment adds to the whole 'clean girl look': put together and naturally beautiful vibes. Exactly what you want for your wedding day. To be yourself, but just put together.

Results may vary so pick a real brow artist. Book this treatment 7 to 10 days in advance.


MakeupLashesBrows - Nicoline

House Of Brows - for shaping and tinting Brows & Beauty


As the Dutch saying goes: ''als je haar maar goed zit''. This seemingly uninteresting beauty service is as mundane as brushing your teeth. It just needs to happen once in a while, the latter more often than the other - if you value dental hygiene.

Try changing it up with a new colour, just a shade or two lighter or darker. Try face framing or some highlights. If you're a blonde, you can switch it up with a toner. Every day care can be so much fun with a nice hair oil. Lather it on your tresses before a bath or the 'everything' shower. Use a few drops through the week to keep the ends healthy.


Bobby - Freya & Nina

Teint Teint - hair oils STEV. - Stefaan ISU - presision cuts


Good chance that reading the title above made you nervous but trust me when I say spray tanning came a long way. Beta-caroteen colours made way for a natural bronze glow. With new formulas and techniques you can choose your own intensity. Fun fact: I used to spray tan for a living. From body building deep leathery tones to soft South-of-France bronzing, everything is possible and I did and seen it all. With a subtile layer, you look healthy and radient. Book a try out for this treatment about 3 months before your special day and, when content with the results, book another one 3 days before your wedding. Follow the instructions with religious precision for the best results.


Chabelle - Chana


Skin can be an enigma. One day it's great, the other day... not so. That's why it's so important to understand what's what. Knowledge is power, knowledge is also looking refreshed and healthy. I want to motivate you to treat yourself to an in-dept skin care treatment instead of doing it yourself and trying to wing it. Lots of specialised beauticians offer face scans. This way you can look what's hidden under and in the layers of your skin. Ageing is a natural process, we're not trying to stop it but find a way to let it carry on it like you want it to go. Maybe you suffered some sun damage? Pesky red spots you're not getting rid of, whatever you do? Good chance they can see what the mystery is.


Coco's Luxury Beauty Bar - Carla

Have fun trying these treatments! Let me know how they worked for you.


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