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Paloma is a stylist turned hair and make up artist turned stylist again. With a background in arts and photography, Laura has come full circle. With over 12 years of being a welcome guest in the wedding industry, gaining knowledge about anything and everything bridal, she's dedicated to help you with - let's admit it - the best thing about getting married: finding your gown, and styling it.

Paloma stands for unique, detailed and impeccable styling that is heavily influenced by owner Laura's own taste, style and ideals. We float between concept and creation.

Paloma offers a fitting experience for openminded brides who don't identify with mainstream aesthetic. We love the ironic in the iconic - and vice versa, we're all about relaxed meets refined and we love to walk on the line between classy and cool. Think slipdress meets glitter shoe.

She strongly believes that there is no wrong way of being a bride. That's why Paloma challenges the conventional and loves to help you reach your goals: to be a next level, mind blowing, unforgettable bride - ready to celebrate an unforgettable day. bruidswinkel

Paloma's make up and hairstyling services were


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