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Our appointments are nice and long, with plenty of time for trying on different gowns, accessories and more. When you are unable to arrive on time and are later than 15 minutes, we have to cancel your appointment.

Wear nude, seamless underwear and, preferably, a strapless nude bra. This will give you the best results. You could also bring nude, seamless shapewear if you prefer a smooth slimming look.

All of our samples are size 38-42. You gotta have a little bit of imagination sometimes. But no worries as everything can be made in your size.

Please arrive to your appointment wearing minimal make up. You will be liable for damages made to our sample gowns.

Prices of our gowns are between 1275 and 3500 euro, excl. alterations, customs etc. Please note that the majority of our gowns fall between2550 and 3000 euros.

At the moment, we don't offer in house alterations but we can give you a really good address.These alterations are outings you need to do on your own.

The price of alterations can vary and we cannot make an estimate as every seamstress works different.

Remember: you are so welcome here. We value you as a person, as a bride. No choosing from a book, no white gloves or socks, no awkwardness. You try anything you like. Only good vibes!

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