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Congratulations on your engagement! Getting married to the love of your life is such an exciting moment. Paloma loves to guide you through this rite of passage by helping you choose the right photographer for you. I want to motivate and challange you to stand up for yourself and seek out the best, not the first available, or easiest, or cheapest option.


Behind all the memorable, magical weddings you see online, on Pinterest or Instagram, are visionary photographers, detailed planners, creative stylists, impeccable talents of all sorts.

Cake gets eaten, your dress is just something that you wear that special day, flowers wither, memories blur every year. But photography is something you will keep forever and ever. I can't stress this enough - find someone who can capture the love between you two in a sincere, real, amazing way, not just someone that presses the button.

Not someone who's there so you can scratch that off your list. You're also going to spend the whole day with this person, so you might want to book in a little meet up to get to know them!

These are the photographers you want on your special day. I gathered them here, in this brochure, just for you. Dream big.

Paloma Guide: My Favourite Photographers

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